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The role of community in healing: a series of staff writings


All of us have weaknesses and shortcomings.  We need and desire the ongoing transformation of God.  We believe that God has the power to heal us, and that we can help produce healing in those around us through God’s love in us.  We know and believe this, but sometimes wounds, scars, and pain keeps us from connecting with it.  We need a community where we can be honest about our struggles and failures without fear of rejection; where we can bring our pain and know that we will receive love and acceptance in the midst of our hurt; a place where it is okay to be broken, have problems, and admit failure.

For this, we need a healing community.  Building a healing community begins with, as World Vision founder Bob Pierce used to say, “letting your hearts be broken with the things that break the heart of God.  It begins with a willingness to listen before we speak, and a humbleness that realizes, “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”

I believe that we, the Good Works community, are a healing community, that our hearts are broken with the things that break the heart of God, and that we are fellow-strugglers walking with each other; finding healing for ourselves and helping anyone else who comes to this community to find it as well. We value relationships over buildings or programs.  Relationship-centered ministry is based upon mutual respect, humility, openness, and caring when interacting with all people.  “Transformation to healing in all dimensions of life is guided by The Spirit of Truth, empowered by the Love of God, and motivated by compassion for others and self.”  (from www.healingcommunity.org under Stewards of Transformation.)

–Sherilyn Weinkauf

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