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Vulnerability and homelessness

There is something about being homeless that reveals you to the world. You are laid naked for all the world to see your imperfections, your failings. I want to become a more open person. While supervising at the Timothy House I had the privilege to meet a man named Jasyn. He has been homeless several times and is currently staying in our shelter. He is an artist with beautiful and professional talent. He creates music that I call “poetry in motion” and can draw to inspire. He is most proud of his work as a tattoo artist despite it being viewed by the some of the world as worthless or meager. He may never be acknowledged for doing something great, but he is surviving and he is an artist. Life has dealt him a hard hand but he is choosing to pursue his dreams with opposition facing him at each side no matter what he decides. Who ever said the Homeless have nothing to offer the world, who ever said the homeless want to live that way? This man is not so. He is teaching me to be more vulnerable. I have a choice to hide behind the walls of my home or the mobility of my car, but why? If this man and many others are offering themselves up to be seen just as they are with no masks to hide behind, then should not I do the same? Maybe I have a choice but does that give me the right to choose to hide?


Sean and Alena are both over the age of 60 and want to learn how to use a computer. And do you know, I get to be the one to teach them? How blessed am I to be the one to teach someone else anything. Sean would like to work for the newspaper doing photography but first needs to learn how to use a computer. He asks often if he is silly for wanting to re-enter the work force. He knows it will be a lot of work but I tell him if he is willing to work hard at it then maybe it can happen. Sean has never used a computer and often becomes discouraged by that fact and the difficulties of typing. I am encouraged though, by the beautiful people I am allowed to work with. It is difficult to see them struggle through life and computer class. As they get older, the world of technology advances and they are left behind. I want the best for them, even if the best is not available. I want to believe they can achieve anything if they work at it but that is not always the case. Often I am conflicted over such things but I am glad to be part of their journey of life and technology.


– Nicole Little

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