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The role of community in healing: a series of staff writings

How do we fight unforgiveness as a community? The first step is being open with one another. As long as our lives are kept in the “light” (1John1:6-8) It will be harder for us to hide unforgiveness in our hearts. Being “clear” is a beautiful thing I feel we have here at Good Works. Another very important thing is to not let time pass between when you have been hurt. Whoever first said “time heals all wounds” was not in the right. When allowed to have more time to “simmer” on something that bothered you, it is easy to have those thoughts escalate into more harmful and severe thoughts without having anything worse done to you. The longer you wait to talk about what has hurt you, the harder it is to bring the issue back up. It is easy to have something that hurt you years ago seem as if it is “water under the bridge”. When these things come to our knowledge we need to be able to love the other person enough to give peace to the past memory.

How do we bring more forgiveness into our context here at Good works? This has been the question I have been wrestling with for some time. We are strong in encouraging each other to share when we have been hurt. Our growth could be in sharing forgiveness with those we serve. It is often that I see men and woman who have allowed harmful past relationships dictate their lives. How many times have I wanted to go to them and say “have you seen the payment Jesus has made for this hurt?” But in order for that to happen we need be a community of trust. We should desire to be a community that they would be able to trust with their wounds. We also need to be a Community who forgives when we have been wounded. I need to be a man in a community that is striving to heal those who are wounded. Even if we are not the reasons for their Unforgiveness, we need to be sensitive to what has caused them hurt and beseech the Lord on their behalf. Through Prayer, Fasting, Listening and being honest, we can help Teach and Give Forgiveness.

— Steve Rogers

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