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The role of Community in becoming Holy (a series of staff reflections)

In the Good Works community we have things that we practice and conversations that remind us to make a habit of the Spiritual Disciplines. For instance, the way we continuously ask questions like “Are we doing the most loving thing.” We are always reading the Bible and always praying and always praising and always worshiping. These are examples of the way we sharpen one another.

Those hungry for God come to the church (the body) looking for truth. I believe God reveals truth to those who are earnestly seeking it. However, since God’s wisdom and knowledge is foolishness to a dark mind that has not been redeemed, we have to be concerned that we are imitating Jesus. Otherwise, when we speak God’s Word to people they will not be able to receive it. Our speech, actions and our lives must line up with what we say. We can either be true witnesses of who God is and of His Kingdom Advancing on earth, or we can corrupt the witness of who God is and His Kingdom coming on earth.

God continuously tells us to seek Him. Our sinful condition leaves us vulnerable and God is the only one who can cover/protect our vulnerability. To live Holy we must seek God. As we seek God the Holy Spirit reveals truth to us. We cannot know truth on our own. This is one reason why Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit before they went out.

People are hungering and thirsting – but they often don’t know that it is for God. God changes us when we seek Him and live a holy life and that change becomes evident to all. It is not perfection they are seeing- but like the descriptions of the men and women of God in the Bible – those around them knew they had been in God’s presence. We want to be this type of community.
How do we genuinely become such a community?

— Terri Woodson

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