The role of community in becoming holy: a series of staff reflections.

Are we trying to love one another? Are we patient in the situations we are in? Are we trying to be faithful in our commitments? Are we selfless? If we are trying to be these things, people see this in us and admire our efforts. This is a tall order for most of us. I know it is a tall order for me. In times of stress or frustration, patience is oftentimes the first thing to go in me. I lose patience and I give up on the situation or person because they have let me down or they have not shown a desire to change. It’s much easier to lose patience than it is to be patient.

It is a tall order to be holy. Christ is holy and perfect, we are not. Holiness is sacred and set apart. We ourselves are not sacred and set apart, but God in us is. Without God in us we cannot do all of these things. We cannot love one another. We cannot be patient. We cannot be faithful and selfless without God in us. So first, we must seek God. Then when God is in us, we become holy. When God is in the community, the community becomes holy. We are not holy aside from God because God is the only thing that is holy.

I am the Lord, who makes you holy.
-Exodus 31:13

— Matt Carlyle

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