The Body of Christ (a series of staff reflections)

Our motives for sharing revelation and wisdom are to make sure we all walk in complete reverence to our Holy God.  Not only can we not approach God in any kind of manner but we also must respect those who are the temples of the Holy Spirit.  In love and reverent fear we should come one to another especially in sensitive matters of reconciliation.

To each one there have been things afforded to them.  What things have been afforded to you?  What side of life have you seen and experienced that God has given you to offer to your other brothers and sisters in Christ.  We all see through the glass dimly.  We all know in part.  But as we come together it becomes a more clearer picture.  Who has a right to devalue what God has given; not even the person themself.  There is something to be learned from every spectrum of life.  No matter what country, ethnic culture or class, everyone has learned things that others have no knowledge of unless it is shared.  Even every generation has its own awareness.  Unless we come together we will not see the whole human part of the picture.  In the past I looked at impoverished conditions and hardships as a hindrance in life.  That somehow being impoverished or enduring trials consumed you.  But it seems that anything can consume a person.  It is what you do with the state you are in that matters.  God has given us all portions as we are born into this earth.  We just need to gather what it is He is calling us to; for who is responsible for what family they were born into that they cannot put that aside to see the greatness of what they were called unto.

— Terri Woodson



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