the Body of Christ (a series of staff reflections)

The Body of Christ is not something formed later, it is not doing in the future:

It is here now.

Doing now.

Here is wherever I am, you are, we are.

I cannot expect to change the entire world and neither can you.


I can change me


you can change you


together we can change each other

and perhaps

perhaps we can change ourselves in such a way that compels others to notice, to join – but this is secondary.

These changes ought to grow Love in me and in us.  These changes ought to make me a better lover of people, of the earth, of justice and peace.  These changes ought to tangibly affect the people around me here in my community, in my life, in my sphere of influence (but I’ll l come back to this later).  These changes ought to change my world and my place in it. And together, these changes ought to change our world and our place in it.

-Jane Krosse


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