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mission Statement(2)

“Good Works exists to connect people from all walks of life with people in poverty so that the kingdom of God can be experienced. “

In this entry and others to come we will be sharing our perspective on this statement. Our goal was not to change it, but to put in our own words, from our hearts, what it means.

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We are here to build bridges

between people who have financial means

and people who struggle to get by.

To introduce people who would not normally meet

in the hopes that God would

work out justice

and restoration

through these relationships.

—Andrea Horsch



Good Works lives and breathes to bring together people from all perspectives and life experiences with those society looks down upon so that God’s perspective and heavenly view can be realized and lived out. —Kelsey Shetler



As children of God it is our desire and goal to see the world as God sees it; to live life the way Jesus lived it, and to treat, understand, and interact with people the way He means for us to, taking advantage of all the possibilities He opens for us through His love and grace. But essential to the building of God’s community is ridding ourselves of all our stereotypes, misconceptions, jealousies, fears, and reservations about those who are different from us.  And the most effective way to correct our view of others is to spend time and space with them, intentionally creating environments where we get to know them.  That is what we are striving and learning to do as a way of life. —Abbie Drozek


Good Works aims at loving the community in which they are sent and are members, and inviting others to join.  With a heart for the rural poor, they attempt to the best of their ability and knowledge to help, foster relationships, and assist by material and all other means possible the homeless, widows, children and remainder of marginalized society.  In order to invite others to love and learn with them, they facilitate situations and opportunities for interaction, dialogue and revelation.  Love is necessary for community, it is the foundation of the kingdom of God and that is the aim and purpose of Good Works. —Jane Krosse


At Good Works, we are learning to love. We are learning to love those for whom we find love easy, and to love those for whom we find love difficult. We are learning to love as individuals, and we are learning to love as a community. We are inviting others to learn to love with us. We are learning to love in Spirit, and we are learning to love in Truth, for love is never wasted, and love will never pass away.—Chris Linscott


We strive to create opportunities for people of contrasting backgrounds to grow in relationship with one another and particularly with those on the margins of society so that the beaten down are raised up and the affluent humbled. —Jessica Rupright



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