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mission Statement (1)

“Good Works exists to connect people from all walks of life with people in poverty so that the kingdom of God can be experienced. ”

In this entry and others to come we will be sharing our perspective on this statement. Our goal was not to change it, but to put in our own words, from our hearts, what it means.

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We want to experience and be God’s kingdom on earth.  We want to experience this and be this together, with all kinds of people, especially people who may be overlooked.  And we want to invite others to join with us. —Anne Wilson


People have different gifts, talents and habits, and come from many different cities, states, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Good Works intentionally seeks ways, avenues, doors, opportunities for people to mingle, sit, eat, talk and interact with someone they would not be able to in the course of their normal day.  When people of higher position associate with people of low position, those who are poor in the eyes of the world, but rich in faith, the kingdom of God is expressed and experienced. —Sherilyn Weinkauf





the Church in unity,

welcoming not-yet-believers

to love and serve and become friends with people in poverty,

so that God’s desires can be accomplished:

healing, justice, salvation, reconciliation.

—DAWN Tobin


Good Works provides avenues for people to enter relationships powerful enough to raise valleys and lower mountains that the kingdom of God and the Word of God maybe seen. —Chip Guyton


We seek to love Jesus and be loved by Him.

We seek to know Jesus and be known by Him.

We seek at accept grace and to offer grace.

We seek to love others and be loved by them.

We acknowledge that the world is broken, that we are broken, and

We seek to be healed and create contexts for healing.

We seek to form relationships with and encourage others to form relationships with individuals of different backgrounds with the constant attitude of worship

And the unceasing prayer that we can witness on earth

Snapshots of what Heaven is like. —Amanda Juarez-Porter Carlyle


“We have been called to the exciting and sometimes daunting task of bringing God’s Kingdom into realization by creating scenarios whereby the two disparate socio-economic groups—the “haves” and the “have-nots”—can come into close proximity in a safe and mutually beneficial relationship.” —Ken Weinkauf

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